About us

You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website. 

OSHA Administrators  has a wide range of risk management compliance services including consultancy, auditing, reporting,training  and inspection. At OSHA  we strive towards keeping people safe, protecting the bottom line, driving business efficiencies, increasing business intelligence and improving staff morale and productivity.

From comprehensive health and safety audits to policy creation and development, OSHA  will develop a complete health and safety management system that tackles your issue head on. We take a partnership approach which ensures we satisfy our client’s specific business objectives and drivers.

We will help you meet your legal obligation and protect your people and your operations, while removing avoidable costs and improving your business performance. We help protect people, productivity and business reputation.

We at OSHA  provide more than just a temporary solution to your health and safety needs. We provide a service to our clients, which ensure our clients comply 100% with the Occupational Health and Safety Act rules and regulations. At OSHA we will manage your health and safety management system on a monthly basis to ensure full compliance is maintained sufficiently and protecting your businesses safety needs.

OSHA  has introduced a 24/7 support line to all our monthly clients, whereby OSHAwill assist our clients with any health and safety issue that may occur 24hours of the day, 7 days a week free of charge. This is a service introduced to demonstrate our compassion to our clients and how we value them.


1. Health and Safety Management System

OSHA  implements occupational health and safety management systems compiled specifically to our client’s needs and nature of business.

The content in which a health and safety management system is compiled of is the following:

Legal Appointments.
Safety assessments and observations.
Safe Work Procedures.
Company safety standards.
Annexure 1.
Legal forms and registers.
Incident Investigation.
Toolbox talks.
PPE training.
Safety Induction programme.
Company Health and Safety policy.
Company PPE policy.
Company Intoxication policy.
Emergency planning.
Risk Assessement.
Medical surveillance.
Letter of good standing.

2. Contractor Packs

OSHA  compiles Contractor Packs specifically for our clients needed to perform work on site. Many companies today insist on contractors performing work on their site to comply with the Occupational health and safety act, thus OSHA solves the issue by compiling Contractor Packs specifically to the nature of work performed by the client on site.

Contractor Packs include the following:

Legal Appointments.
Safe Work procedures.
Health and Safety policy.
Safety Induction.
Toolbox talks.
Legal registers and forms.
SHE agreement.
Letter of good standing.
Company safety standards.                                                                                                    
Risk Assessment.                                                                                                                                                               

3. Audits

OSHA  performs health and safety audits on any size enterprise to evaluate the effectiveness of health and safety management system currently implemented, or to simply determine the companies position regarding complying to the Occupational health and safety act, or to determine Risk and hazards on which the companies workers are exposed to.

 The importance of performing such audits on a regular basis simply determines in which direction the company is heading being good or bad and the effectiveness of such health and safety management system implemented.

4. Monthly services to our clients

At  OSHA , we treasure our valued clients, thus we take that extra mile to ensure full satisfaction from our clients regarding the health and safety services we provide. Our services are exceptional regarding the amount of services offered.

OSHA offers the following to our clients:

Full health and safety Risk Assessments.
Health and safety audits.
Fire safety in the workplace.
Health and safety performance statistics and reports to company management.
Safety Assessments on workers performing work.
Full 24/7 support line to clients with any health and safety issues which may arise.
The upkeep of the health and safety management system on a monthly basis.
Compiling of contractor packs.
Draught of Safe Work Procedures for required work performed.
Assisting with safety meetings.
Incident Investigations and investigation reports on injuries on duty.
Conducting of basic SHE induction programmes.
Emergency management planning.


OSHA  understands that complying with the occupational health and safety act, is not just compiled of having a well structured and efficient safety filing system, but other factors which contribute towards the complying of the act.