About us

OSHA Academy of Learning was  established in 2005  and  a leading provider of occupational risk management and training OSHA’s success is due to its highly flexible approach, providing services and support products that are tailor-made according to clients' specific needs and risk profiles. Through an integrated approach of consulting, training, testing and auditing, and various support products, OSHA has a proven track record of mitigating health, safety and environmental HSE exposures in high-risk environments. Our market niche is to provide training at the intersection of technology and business, where business value can be unlocked.  Our value-added services are aimed at helping companies improve capacity in these areas and compliance with the OSH Act  decreasing insurance premiums and ensure compliance We practice  the highest level of honesty and integrity in our dealings with each other and with our clients, suppliers, and our community. We do not engage in or tolerate unethical behavior or fraudulent practices and make fair and transparent decisions and explain them clearly

We are passionate about developing human potential. Our ethics and integrity are unquestioned. We are unswerving in our aim to deliver enduring value to all of our stakeholders. With hundreds of leading corporate clients, and thousands of delegates trained in over a decade, we can help you and your company to new levels of efficiency, performance, compliance and success.


OSHA Academy of Learning  are registered with SASSETA and the Department of labor  to present and certify students  in more than a hundred unit standards and skills programs  ranging from NQF1 to 6 qualifications    

OSHA prides itself on the quality of its administrative and academic staff. While academic credentials and ability are important, we recruit staff primarily for their passion, professionalism and team spirit from a security, safety, fire and EMS background.

 Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone.. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services in the Occupatioanal health and safety field such as auditing training and supply 


We know the way



Are you looking for an institution that specialises in giving courses and training in a number of Safety Careers? Are you interested in getting training in fields of Fire fighting, first aid or health and safety? If yes were your answers to these questions,OSHA Academy is the place for you. OSHA  is considered the most passionate Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) specialists in the business. The dedicated team ofofesionals .OSHA  is intent on creating a ready-for-action, healthy and safe working environment for all. OSHA  Academy specialises in workplace development programs offering health and safety training to employees while providing them with a valuable skills and information on procedure, equipment and action. 

advisory services 


OSHA’s advisory services, as a consulting business unit, offers client specific guidance and solutions based on the review of the risk profile of our clients. The team comprises industry specific specialists and subject-matter experts who advise our clients on their most critical issues and opportunities, assisting them to reach their business assurance objectives.

OSHA’s expert team helps negotiate and manage the challenges of modern business through compliance to legal and best practice risk management standards. The team brings a global perspective to known and developing risk environments and offers solutions based on a holistic blend of services and expertise to support the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our services are not limited to but include

OSH audits 

Compliance audits

Fire  compliance audits

Contractor screening

Fire forensic investigations

Risk assessments

DOL Preperation Audits

Safety files 

Supply of fire and first aid equipment