It is experience and presence that provides the opportunity to have a single organization consult, supply and service you’re every need when it comes to the safety of your people, facilities and environment. As such it is important that you know who we are, what we do and how we can serve your needs professionally and reliably with quality products and services 24 hours a day, 365 days each year. When it comes to the safety and the productivity of your people, plant and equipment, we don’t sleep. We want to offer you the most costefficient solution possible, without compromising on performance, quality or support.LOC’s Safety “Mission” is to continually add value by partnering with our customers to solve their fire, safety and environmental challenges with quality products supported by excellent service from motivated, knowledgeable people.
We revolutionized the fire equipment service industry with our new approach towards Fire Safety in the marketplace. However, we aren’t stopping there. Instead of resting on our laurels, we are committed to improving the very methods by which your company must maintain fire equipment for legal compliance.
LOC  has become one of South Africa’s leading portable fire equipment sales and service providers. With an endless list of accreditations we offer a service not matched by any of our competitors. Our rapid response service technicians, who work in accordance with SANS codes of practice, are friendly and efficient and they can assist with any enquiry you may have, offering valuable information in regards to your fire and safety needs.
LOC  was awarded the SABS1475 Global Conformity Diamond Mark  and is registered with SABS, SAQCC (South African Qualification and Certification Committee for the Fire Industry) FPA, SAFSI, OSHA, LGSETA and HWSETA organizations which are committed to the improvement of the professional, technical and business competence within the fire equipment distribution industry.
We pride ourselves in rendering the best possible service at the most affordable price, with a view to retain a long working relationship with our esteemed clients. We sell safety consciousness and awareness firstly, and then reduce risk ultimately to ensure compliance with all relevant codes of practice. We have over short period of time proven ourselves as leaders in maintaining and ensuring standards in our industry. It is common knowledge that the fire protection industry is saturated with self-professed fire protection consultants and engineers whom do not have the skills or qualifications to assist the client to obtain legal compliance in accordance with the relevant statutes and acts as promulgated in the National Codes of Practice and Local Fire By-laws. Certain companies have been operating for many years without competent staff, who works on a commission only basis, and who’s only objective is to exploit their client’s needs. These companies are ignorant to the relevant laws and codes of practice and operate with inferior faulty dangerous pressurizing equipment, subjecting the clients and staff to possible injury with severe detrimental consequences, having a blatant disregard for their client’s safety requirements.
Our management lead by Leon van Rooyen and consists of a professional team of dedicated ex emergency services personnel, with a vast experience in fire prevention, highly trained and accredited.
Leon  served as Fire Prevention officer with Roodepoort Fire Department for 15 years, and holds an Associate diploma in Fire Technology. Assisted by the other members of the company, we start every morning with a meeting where issues such as new technologies, codes and work practices are revised and customer requirements are discussed and fed back to the service teams on a weekly basis. Our aim each day is to earn the right to become your supplier of choice by taking care of the things that matter most to you.
Our technicians are selected from the cream of the crop and it is required that all technicians be registered members of SAQCC which is a legal requirement under the OSH Act. All our technicians are required to pass the Fire Prevention Association of Southern Africa’s test on competency before they are allowed to service. Service assistants are trained in-house for 6 months before they are allowed to write the test at which time they are taken through all the necessary modules




















































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